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Someone Photographed My Sexual Assault

Originally published on by Anonymous The summer I was sexually assaulted began, strangely, as the lightest time in my life. It was 2002, and I’d escaped from the cloying judgement of my tiny hometown, abusive parents and the boyfriend who had unceremoniously dumped me after three years together. It sounds like a contradiction, but … Continued

How I Became a Rape Victim

Originally published on the blog HerbsandHags in the UK I’ve been thinking about this recently, because rape has been in the news so much. Ched Evans, the twitter hate campaign against his victim, the I Believe Her campaign in response, the girls in Oldham who were groomed and raped… and the discussion about why they … Continued

An “It Happened to Me” Story

From Cat-Calling To Groping, Street Harassment Is Everywhere… And It Happened To Me by Morwenna Ferrier Originally published in Last Monday, while on the tube between Holborn and Highbury, I was leant on by a penis. It wasn’t my boyfriend’s. I’ve no idea who its owner was only that it was definitely there, definitely … Continued

CROSS-POSTED FROM HOLLABACK BRUSSELS – David: “She is horrified. We all are. What she does not understand is that she begged them to stop and that this will forever be her first sexual experience.”

Published on April 26,2012 My daughter who turned 15 in January has been sexually assaulted at De Brouckère subway station two weeks ago. By a group of young men. She is too shocked to tell Hollaback in person what happened but she insisted I tell you her story. What happened will have tremendous consequences for … Continued

Not So Charming Stick-or-Treating

by Martina Čermáková Not too rarely, you’ll find the Czech Easter whipping tradition in one of those stories on odd holiday traditions featured in the corky-news section. From my experience, anyone who’s just learnt about the spanking of girls and women with braided willow sticks (pomlázkas) that goes down on Easter Monday will see it … Continued

100 Pounds of Trouble and a 6-pack of Cool

I might be the little foreign girl who speaks bad Czech, or maybe “Czenglish,” and does not do things quite like the locals. But I am not the “outsider.” When the barista at the neighborhood coffee shop spots my dog, she starts pouring my morning cup of joe to go, and the day I reached … Continued

Little Lady With A Massive Voice

I have lived in some pretty shady neighborhoods. I think the worst being East Oakland in Oakland, CA. That place is notorious for gangs, drugs and other not so pleasant things. I lived there for two years and not once did I get harassed, bothered or messed with. My neighbors looked out for me and … Continued