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App Submission: Auburn’s Experience on Staromestka…

I was sitting next to the window, reading on the bus to Staromestka. Halfway there, a man got on & sat next to me. He leaned in close to my face & began speaking a language I didn't understand. I ignored him & continued reading. After about two minutes, his tone changed to angry muttering. I couldn't move. When we got off at the last stop, I turned away from…

Naama’s Story Finally Getting Heard

I was on vacation in Prague with my family. It was summer, and the city was filled with tourists. One evening we were hanging about in the city. On the way back to the hotel, we turned to a side street. My family walked a few steps before me, and I stopped to look at a store's shopwindow. Three men, aging no more than 30, showed up behind me. Call…

Letna Dog Walking Assault

ATTACKED and THREATENED in PRAGUE ON FRIDAY at 11:30am by UNKNOWN AMERICAN MAN! PLEASE HELP US IDENTIFY HIM! HE'S APPROX 40/50 YRS OLD, POSS 6ft OR LESS, GREY HAIR longish, GREY STUBBLE, WAS CARRYING YOGA MAT (hypocrite) and LIVES ON SKALECKA STREET IN LETNA, by the bottom of the park! I left our house with our 2 little rescue doggies, kissed my husband goodbye and started up our street to…



Bruselské zvrhlíky zkrotí pokuty za sexuální harašení

This post is also available in: CzechMariana Pítrová, EUROSKOP, 10.8.2012 Brusel – uhlazený domov tisíců úředníků, sídlo NATO a většiny stěžejních institucí sedmadvacítky. To je jedna z tváří belgické metropole. Tu druhou předvedla studentka Sofie Peetersová ve svém absolventském filmu, který spustil debatu napříč společností a dokonce donutil belgické politiky konat. Řeč je o sexismu … Continued

“Nice Guys” Contribute to Rape Culture

This post is also available in: CzechOriginally published on by Ben Atherton-Zeman Daniel Tosh makes jokes that support rape culture and he’s defended as a “nice guy” while feminists are threatened with rape for pointing it out. Joe Paterno is accused of participating in a cover up of child rape and his “legend” legacy … Continued